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Louis C.K. Returned To Standup For The First Time Since Being Outed By #MeToo & Twitter Isn't Happy About It

Published September 2018

"He was literally greeted with an ovation while the women who were brave enough to come forward have been ostracized and threatened," Lara Witt, the managing editor of Wear Your Voice, tweeted.



Published 2nd May 2018

The nominees, and the winners, were an amazingly diverse array of Philadelphians—younger and older, of varying races, orientations and missions.


These Women Won Big at the 4th Annual Rad Awards

Published 1st of May 2018

Here's who was named “Rad Girl of the Year” and “Innovator of the Year” at the fourth-annual celebration of Philadelphia’s leading thinkers and innovators.


Rose McGowan abruptly ends her publicity tour. It’s been tumultuous from the start.

Published 5th of February 2018

After Aziz Ansari was accused of sexual misconduct, these two Twitter threads look at larger questions

Published 15th January 2018

The recent case of comedian Aziz Ansari being accused of sexual misconduct has raised several uncomfortable but relevant questions. How much leeway can one give and where does one draw the line? Two journalists have spoken about it on Twitter.

With each man accused of sexual assault, a Catch-22 for victims: empowerment, then agony

Published 16 November 2017


Philadelphia Marches to End Rape Culture

Published 1st October 2017

On Saturday, September 30th, local activists and advocates gathered for the March to End Rape Culture at Thomas Paine Plaza, across the street from City Hall, in Philadelphia.


Allure Magazine: 10 Creators of Color Reveal What Makes Them Feel Most Beautiful by Janet Mock

Published 29th of September 2017

Beauty Beyond Binaries is a biweekly column about the intersection of beauty and identity on by writer, TV host, and activist Janet Mock.

"My work, my ability to think critically and my intelligence are at their strongest in my pieces — I carry my words like armor and I walk taller, with more confidence and strength. I feel like my value as a person and self-worth is intricately woven into my work as a writer, if I didn't have my words, I don't know who I would be."


Hooligan Mag: Inside Issue #18: Lara Witt

Published 4th May 2017

Philadelphia writer and activist Lara Witt uses her voice as a powerful tool to tear down oppressive systems. 


Interview with Dr. James Peterson for WHYY's The Remix

Published 16th of November 2016

Dr. James Peterson and Lara Witt discuss what allyship can look like in the age of fascism.


i-D Magazine: 8 activists using social media to fight for irl change

Published 16th August 2016

Lara Witt is building an online community of intersectional feminists:
Indian-Kenyan writer Lara Witt uses her Twitter presence to bring to center "issues which affect black and brown women, whether it's white supremacy, misogyny, colonization, or economic inequality." In addition, she speaks out about life as a sexual assault survivor and as someone who sufferers from PTSD. With an fearless desire to speak up for her communities, Witt serves brazen truths through her tweets, and is quick to defend intersectionality wherever it is ignored or obscured in pop culture.


The BGD Podcast 6.1.17: Be Humble, Miley!

Published 1st June 2017

Activist and blogger Raquel Willis and Lara discuss Miley Cyrus, safe-spaces for Black people and student walk-outs protesting right-wing political leaders.


Generocity: 4 Philly femme and womxn leaders of color on the importance of self-care

Published on 18th July 2017

"Working with a team of Black, indigenous and people of color writers is my way of helping us reclaim our narratives without worrying about a white, cis heteronormative gaze. White editors have a tendency to tone police and change our valid perspectives to make them more palatable to white audiences. So writing our own stories, and being paid to do so, is one of the most powerful tools we have. My job is to make more space for writers of color in a typically white industry."


How two Philly feminist groups are combatting street harassment

Published 17th May 2017

“We want people to realize that street harassment isn’t just inconvenient, but frightening and degrading,” explained Lara Witt, the media relations spokesperson for Pussy Division, in an email. (Witt also co-organized March’s Electric Lady event series.)


This event series is about reclaiming and exploring ‘what it means to be a woman’

Published 10th March 2017

“Women are the backbone of society, we have been doing the work for centuries. We excel in most fields and yet we are rarely rewarded for our efforts because women’s labor is under-valued and under-appreciated. The purpose of this event is to give our audiences the opportunity to feel inspired by what women do in a way that does our artists, entrepreneurs, writers, teachers and advocates justice.”